Board Members

Mark Robinson, American Board President:

Mark attends Heartland Vineyard Church in Iowa, where Mark and his wife, Tanya, are the Haiti Missions Coordinators. Mark has made more than 20 trips to Haiti, and has been associated with Imagine Missions since February 2011. He found out about Imagine Missions when he visited the school while working on a project to install housing to hold relief workers after the earthquake. Four months later, Tanya came down with him, and 4 months after that he brought his two high school daughters. Two months later, over Christmas, he brought his 8 year old daughter to the orphanage. “I love the kids, and what the mission is trying to accomplish-supporting, building up and educating the kids at the orphanage to be productive citizens in the community and to come into a personal relationship with Christ, and share it with their community. I was asked to be on the Board to support Melissa and the goals of the orphanage, and I am honored to serve the Mission in this way.” Mark and his wife Tanya have adopted three kids from the orphanage.

Wendy Whiddon, Board Secretary:

Wendy attends Galilee Christian Church in Georgia. She originally went to the orphanage in May 2011 with a group of teens from her church. She has made multiple visits bringing new people with her to experience the love from the kids at the orphanage. “Haiti and specifically Imagine Missions has become my passion. Becoming the Board Secretary just felt right to me because I could become more intimately involved with this mission that I absolutely love.”

Judy Sharpe-Kosmatka, Board Treasurer:

Judy is the Missions Chairperson for Harlem Road UMC in Galena, OH (just outside Columbus, OH). It was in that role that Judy was made aware of Imagine Missions in 2011 by Melissa Young’s aunt and uncle, who also attend Harlem Road UMC. Judy led the church’s first mission trip to Haiti in 2012 and has taken a team down to the orphanage each year since then. Judy also coordinates the “Christmas in July” program where sponsors purchase their child(ren)’s Christmas gift in July and send it to Judy and she and a team from Harlem Road UMC package them to be taken down to Haiti in the Fall. Judy is passionate about the orphanage in Haiti, wanting to do everything in her power to help it succeed. Of course, the orphanage and Imagine Missions can not do anything without our Lord leading the way and Judy prays to always be following God’s leading.

Nathan Douglas, Board Member:

Nathan attends Park Christian Church in Ohio. Nathan and his wife, Amanda, work with Imagine Missions to help in numerous ways. Right after the earthquake, they made some calls and through some very generous donors came up with many boxes of first aid supplies, bandages, iodine, splints, air casts, etc. “We sat in the narthex of the church before the first relief team went down, opened all the packaging to reduce space, and vacuum-packed the supplies.“ They soon found out that the need at the orphanage and the surrounding was much greater than originally known so members of the church put together a shipment through Christian Aid Ministries (CAM). Many nights of fellowship and food were spent organizing, boxing and weighing this shipment. They took the articles to Pennsylvania to be placed in a shipping container for delivery at port. A few months later, a second shipment was organized and more than 11,000 pounds of goods were sent to Melissa for the care of the orphanage and the community. “I am proud to help these children and the community. At times, I personally feel helpless because of the constant lack of funds to help us grow financially stronger. But trust in God has prevailed so many times throughout our journey that His plan is much bigger than what we all are capable of understanding.”

Lauren Neder, Board Member:

Lauren spend 4 years working full time for Frito Lay as a production manager in Lynchburg, VA. Lauren studied at Purdue University where she had an opportunity to go to Haiti on a Spring Break trip during her junior year. After that she was hooked and has been able to go twice a year ever since.  Lauren is part of a group that organizes a summer camp every year at the orphanage called Camp Imagine! She is also the head of Imagine's communications and marketing so if you are interested in organizing a fundraiser and need so help please contact Lauren. Starting June 2018 Lauren will be becoming a full time volunteer with Imagine Mission as a Trade School Coordinator, she will be working with the Trade School teachers to help set up a successful program that will create job opportunities for all the students who will be going through the program. 

John Horn, Board Member:

John and his family worship at Orange Friends Church in Lewis Center, Ohio.  John first traveled to Haiti on a 2001 mission trip, "where the Lord changed my life and broke my heart for people in a completely new way".  John has served on 9 trips to Haiti, the last 5 trips to Imagine Missions.  "I love the children, youth, and staff at Imagine Missions, and love the people in the village of Despinos.  God is working in and among the people of Haiti, and it's a privilege to be a part of this."  John's daughter Taylor has served twice at Imagine Missions, and will be serving on a third trip this summer. 

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Amber Zwick, Board Member:

Amber Zwick lives in New Franklin with her husband Cory and pup Cooper. Amber and Cory are members of Community Bible Church in Tuslaw where they are leaders in different ministries. Due to her first visit to Haiti, Amber decided to attend law school with the hope to be able to help families in her own community and in Haiti, and recently graduated with her Juris Doctorate from the University of Akron School of Law. Amber visited Imagine Missions for the first time in June 2012 and has made 14 trips to Haiti. It is a privilege to serve Imagine Missions as a board member. I have seen how the Lord is changing Haiti and lives in Haiti through Imagine Missions. The Lord has used the people of Haiti to change my heart and my future, and my greatest prayer is that Jesus will continue to change lives of children at Imagine Missions and the lives of those traveling to Haiti. Big things happen in Haiti

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Pascal Dorismar, Haitian Board President

Alcinnat Jn Jubens (Bob), Board Advisor

Joceline Labasty, Board Secretary

Ricardo Celestin, Board Advisor

Brunel Laguerre, Board Advisor

Louinerge Hoicias, Spiritual Advisor

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