Our School

The successful education of all our children is made possible

through the generosity of sponsors.

Primary school sponsorship costs $40 per month and secondary school $50 per month. These contributions offset the cost of the child's school tuition, books, and uniform allowing Imagine Missions to offer free education to the Haitian Community.


changing lives. creating hope

You can help provide nutrition, education or transition living provision for less than $2 a day. 

Imagine Missions provides kindergarten to 12th grade education

 Each day the children learn math, science, reading, writing in French, English, Creole, as well as, music, art, gym & history/social studies - equipping our children for future success.  

Imagine Missions has also recently implemented an after-school opportunity for children looking for extra guidance called Homework Club. Imagine Missions is one of the only education institutes in Haiti that requires a C+ average for passing. This policy has contributed to the increased successes of all of Imagine Missions' students across all grade levels. 


changing lives. creating hope

We will have more than 350 students enrolled in our school. In addition to our core curriculum we offer art, music and physical education classes.

Imagine Missions provides free education

No child will be turned away because their family cannot pay. Imagine Missions equips and empowers the local Haitian community by providing primary and secondary school at no cost to its students. 




Since its enactment, Imagine Missions has equipped over 50 students for the Haitian workforce and 120 more students have enrolled.

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