Each child needs a sponsor to support them within their family. 


Providing for a child consistently through sponsorship increases the positive long-term impact on a child, their family, and their community. It also helps a child feel chosen and loved when they know someone is investing in them and rooting for their success. It is not uncommon for kiddos to pray daily for their valued sponsor. 


We want to take a moment thank our sponsors for their continued support and investment in our kiddos! We greatly appreciate your dedication and so do the kids you sponsor! 


Due to the recent organizational changes, we are working on updating our sponsorship options! We hope to have new information for potential sponsors in the new year. 

If you are a current sponsor, you don't need to make any changes on your part. We are still providing family and education sponsorships to our reunified kiddos! The only difference now is your monthly education sponsorship will go towards school tuition for another school. We are working on finding education opportunities for all our reunified kids so they can continue their education in the new year.