Job Creation For 37 families in Haiti.

Where has this year gone?! Thanksgiving is almost upon us, which means Giving Tuesday is just around the corner. For Giving Tuesday this year, we are raising $30,000 for family business start-ups! Our hope is to help each family start a business, so they can build reliable + sustainable income!  

We’ve watched our families go through the ups and downs of life over the past two years. It’s been hard - but our families are resilient. In October, we met with our families to talk through the struggles they were facing and for many of them, finding reliable income was the biggest hurdle to overcome. 

“Every day has problems of its own. It's stressful, but we hope to find stable employment to improve our living conditions and allow us to alleviate our financial worries. We trust the Lord will provide."

“I haven't been able to find reliable work with all that is going on in Haiti, but I want an opportunity to support my family. Life is not always easy, but I’ve seen God do remarkable things for me and my family, so I’m hopeful He will provide through reliable employment.”

Our families are motivated to build a life for themselves, and we are excited to partner with them this Giving Tuesday!


Here’s how it’s going to work

Each one of our 37 families will go through a business training program led by our social worker, Exilien. Once they’ve completed and passed the course, the family can start to build their business! The money raised on Giving Tuesday will cover the start up costs so families can immediately start creating revenue. 


Opportunities like this are so important because it not only creates sustainability for the families, but it boosts the local economy - which Haiti needs right now. 

...and here's why we chose job creation!

Back in 2019, Imagine Missions reunified 37 families. We made a promise to each of them that we would provide family assistance and support them through a job creation program. With everything going on in Haiti, we haven't had the chance to follow through on those promises, but we believe 2022 is the year to do it!


Tune in on Giving Tuesday to see your favorite kiddos and learn more about what businesses their family wants to start! We are excited to watch our families grow through this process and we know they're going to change Haiti, one business at a time.