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A school on the Imagine Missions grounds provides kindergarten to 12th grade education for both our children and children in the Despinos community. Children arrive each morning eager to learn in their school uniforms and gather around the Haitian flag outside the building to start the day with a pledge and prayer. 

Imagine Missions School, led by school director Bob (Alcinnat Jn Hubens) and assistant Ricardo Celestin, has selected quality teachers who will not only educate but also instill strong morals and Christian values in the children of Despinos. Each day the children learn math, science, reading, writing, French, English, Creole, history/social studies primarily through repetition and memorization. We are currently working to expand the teaching and learning styles at the school in order to enrich the educations and problem-solving abilities of our children. We hope the continual improvement of our school will equip our children for future success. The school also offers music, gym, and art classes. 


One program Melissa and Pascal recently implemented is called Homework Club- an after-school opportunity for the children to complete their school work and study with the extra help and guidance of Melissa and students in higher grades. Summer school has also been held on the Imagine grounds for the last few years in an effort to prepare students for their next classes and help them achieve high passing grades during the school year. In Haiti, a passing grade is 5/10. However, after tracking the success of students in subsequent grade levels, Imagine Missions has implemented a requirement for its students to achieve 7/10 in all subjects in order to successfully move forward in school. This policy has contributed to the increased success of Imagine's students across all grade levels.













The successful education of all our children is made possible through the generosity of sponsors. Primary school sponsorship costs $40 per month and secondary school $50 per month. These contributions offset the cost of the child's school tuition, books, and uniform.

Click Here to see our children and young adults enrolled in school. Those currently in need of a school sponsor will be listed as 'un-sponsored' under the 'school' column. Make note of the child's name you wish to sponsor for school, and click here to sign up as their school sponsor.

Along with a classic school we also offer a professional school, learn more about that here

Imagine Missions congratulates its three recent graduates, Claudener, Joceline, and Jude! Claudener serves as a dorm father for the middle-aged boys at the orphanage and is attending University in Haiti. Joceline is newly-employed as Assistant at Imagine Missions School. Jude works as a plumber in the community and teaches younger students this trade at the Professional School. 

Thank you Alpha Delta Kappa for the funding for a new school building. Click here to see the progress

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