These necklaces are handmade by the students in our Professional School, they learn twice a week how to roll beads for these bracelets. The beads are made from cereal boxes and other cardboard boxes that we recycle in Haiti. We cut, wrap, glue, and varnish each bead by hand so each bead is different and each bead has its own story. All the materials from the accent beads to the string are purchased at the market in Haiti.


The necklace is approximately 48" long which means it can be wrapped once to change up the look.


The money from your purchase will be used in two different ways;

First, 40% will go to our Professional School to ensure that the teachers have the materials they need to teach with. This is crucial to the success of our program!

Second, 60% will go back to the student who made the piece. A portion of this will be put into a saving account for our students to use to kickstart a career or to further their education and the rest is given as payment for their work.


You can read more about our Professional School here:

Paper Bead Necklace


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