These pillow covers are made from fabric that had been donated to Imagine Missions. For years the fabric sat and wasn't used for any specific purpuse. The sewing class was looking for projects that would help them learn new skills and also make a little money. These pillows are what came out of that! They are a flower pattern made with white and your choice of blue, yellow, orange, or multicolored accent fabric. Each pillow is different because it is handmade so chose a color and then wait for a suprise when your pillow cover arrives!


We offer two sizes 16 X 16 and 22 X 22, we suggest the 16 X 16 pillow cover be used on a 18 X 18 pillow and the 22 X 22 be used for a 24 X 24 pillow. 


The money from your purchase will be used in two different ways;

First, 40% will go to our Professional School to insure that the teachers have the materials they need to teach with. This is crucial to the success of our program! 

Second, 60% will go back to the student who made the piece. A portion of this will be put into a saving account for our students to use to kickstart a career or to further their education and the rest is given as payment for their work.


You can read more about our Professional School here:

Scrap Fabric Pillow

  • Shipping

    When it comes to shipping out of Haiti we have found that because of our size the best solution is to transport our good in suitcases which we take back every other month. Because of this we are likely to sell out of popular items and have a longer waiting period to restock items. So if an item is sold out please let us know you are interested so we can make sure it is included in our next shipment. 


    Shipping within the states starts from our office in Dennison, Ohio and is shipped through UPS Priority Mail which means deliever could take anywhere from 3-5 days once your order is processed. You will recieve a tracking number when your item is shipped. We appreciate your patience and grace as we are trying to work through our logistic challanges that come from shipping from a third world country. 

  • Color Options

    Because all items are handmade the color options are a base that the product is made to look like, there will be variations in each product. We try our best to match each product to the one pictured but because of access to materials sometimes there will be differenances. If the item you recieve is not what you wanted please referance our return and exchange policies on how to procced. 

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