Introducing Imagine Mission's New Team Liaison: Amber!

A new school. Developing trade program. Growing community opportunities for our kids. And an ever-expanding Haitian-American family. Imagine Missions is growing. And with that, we are welcoming new fixtures into the everyday operations of Imagine Missions as we seek to provide consistency and opportunity not only for our kids, but for the many teams that visit and love on our family in Despinos.

One new fixture will be our Team Liaison- a role created to help provide smooth communication and preparation for any team trip down to Imagine Missions. Longtime Imagine member Amber Zwick has faithfully stepped into this role. She will begin serving teams this fall of 2017 and into the coming year. But first, an introduction from Amber herself:

“Hi! I’m Amber-- I live in Akron Ohio with my husband Cory and our pup Cooper. Haiti is a continual passion for Cory and I. I’ve been part of Imagine Missions since June 2012 and have had the pleasure of making 11 trips to Haiti since that time. I have seen drastic changes at Imagine Missions in the past five years, and I am ecstatic to see how God continues to move this mission in a direction that changes the lives of the kids living in the orphanage and those that attend school, because they are going to change Haiti!

I am excited to take on the role as the new team liaison because I love to see and hear stories of others falling in love with the kids and staff that I love, and the country that holds my heart. After 11 trips, Haiti, the orphanage, and the team house is a second home... I am excited to share my experiences and answer any questions so that all trip leaders and team members feel more at home in Haiti!”

We are so excited to welcome Amber into the role of Team Liaison! Amber will be helping teams by:

  • Serving as the initial email contact for those officially planning a trip or interested in learning more about traveling to Imagine Missions

  • Coordinating travel schedules and mission project plans with team leads and Imagine directors Melissa and Pascal so all are prepared

  • Presenting all necessary information and guidelines that team members need to have a successful trip in video chat and/or written formats (depending on group experience and needs)

  • Following up at the end of a trip so that feedback can be given and opportunities to further partner with Imagine Missions are shared to all team members

To contact our Team Liaison to plan or coordinate a trip, please email Amber Zwick at If your trip is already planned with Melissa there is no need to contact Amber but if you haven’t set a trip date please do so through Amber.

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