International Women's Day

“No country can ever truly flourish if it stifles the potential of its women and deprives itself of the contributions of half of its citizens,” Michelle Obama said.

Haiti has been in the news in the recent months for political unrest and growth. While there hasn’t been much said about female leaders of the manifestations there is a lot to be said for a country that is led by men and women.

There are countless instances of strong women in Haiti from the girls in our school, to the women that care for our children and set examples in our community.

women in our school

This starts with education. When education is accessible to women they are able to hit the ground running with impact.

Because our ladies have received an education and are given the same opportunities as the boys they have dreams to impact their societies. Alexandra wants to be a Haitian Police officer, Taina wants to grow up and do a job that lets her help her community and little Lovely dreams of saving enough money from her jewelry making to go to college.

These girls have dreams to grow up and better themselves and their communities because of the equal chance they have had to get an education and better themselves.

community leaders

Our organization is not only co-directed by a woman but all of our full-time volunteers and employees in leadership positions are women as well.

The international director – Melissa Young firmly believes that women need to support other women. She has opened her home for many female bible studies and strives to support young mothers in Despinos.

Berline runs the team house and is one of our secretaries. Being a teen mom is not easy and doing it in Haiti can be even more challenging. However, with the support of Imagine Missions Berline had a healthy baby girl, finished school and now has a successful career where she is in a place to set an example for other girls and women on how a woman can provide for herself and her family.

Mommy Chrislaine takes care of our boys who are between 7 and 13 years old. She is with them 24/7, helps with their laundry, get them ready for school in the morning and makes sure they all brush their teeth before bed. This group of boys can be rowdy but she takes care of them with such patience and always refers to them as her boys. She is raising the next generation of young leaders, husbands, fathers and professionals and she is doing it with love and respect for women! The Imagine Missions family won't be anything without the strong women who take care of our kids.

On this year’s international women’s day we want to celebrate these wonderful, women and girls that are making a difference for themselves, their community and their world.

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