Summer Fun!!

“Summer. Summer. Summer!” whispered in hush tones as some of the kids watch High School Musical 2. The reality of summer is upon them; school’s out and the sun’s out with no obligation to do anything.

Time to spend doing whatever the kids want to do (within reason, of course). Some of the kids will spend time at home with their families while the rest of them will stay at Imagine Missions, awaiting Camp Imagine with excitement that cannot be contained.

“Makayla, when is camp? Are you going to be here for camp? Are we going to the beach?” asks Lovely

At least 15 kids have asked these questions about Camp Imagine, wondering about the t-shirts, the colors of teams and the activities they will be doing, many of them hoping for a beach trip!

“I am ready for camp. I love learning about Jesus and his stories in the bible,” says Jamesley.

Rebecca and Jonas are both excited for the games and chanting their team’s color, which was yet to be determined.

Camp Imagine, of course, is one of the highlights throughout the summer, but when camp isn’t happening, the kids pass the time with other activities.

“This summer, I am going to play Duck Duck Goose with Jonas, Ismylo and Lucas,” says Nahomi.

Ismylo chimes in, excited to play Duck Duck Goose, but also says he wants to spend this summer playing basketball and soccer with the other kids.

While the younger kids look forward to running around the grounds and playing games, some of the older kids are excited to do other activities.

“Hair and makeup is one of my favorite things to do, and this summer, I plan to spend more time with them,” says Dani.

She continues, “I think I am going to go to dance classes with Jamesley too.” Jamesley is hosting a summer group ballet class in the music room.

He said he is going to teach other kids some of the cool things he learned at Institut De Danse Lynn Williams Rouzier.

Another fun summer activity for the kids will be the summer film series that is yet to be determined. Every Friday night, the kids get to watch and escape their adventures off screen into new adventures on screen with the characters from a variety for films, anything from Disney to Marvel.

For the older kids, ages 15-17, summer will be a vacation, exploring Haiti outside of Imagine Missions. They are all going home for the summer, and get to spend time with their families before returning to Imagine in the fall for school.

“I am leaving for the summer to go home and see my family. I am excited to spend with them,” says Chenet.

Summer plans seemed to be set for everyone these days. Every kid I asked had an answer about what they were going to be doing this summer and some had already planned out their next day but not Richard.

“I don’t know what I am going to be doing this summer. I am just taking it one day at a time, doing anything I can,” says Richard.

There is a lot of variety in answers from the kids about summer plans, but one thing is for sure: the kids are ready for summer and anxiously wait for Camp Imagine to roll into town. Until then, who knows what will happen.

“What time is it? SUMMER TIME!” and that means no obligations, no plans and two whole months before school returns.

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