Around the corner: Christmas Cheer for our Haitian family

Can you believe Christmas is just around the corner? Although Christmas can be such a time of tradition, at Imagine Missions in Haiti Christmas may look a little different this year.

Instead of shipping gifts, we hope to host a Christmas celebration for our sponsored children, their families, and our staff. At the party, we will offer food, music, fun and games. We hope to purchase modest locally-sourced gifts as we are able. This fits both with our desire to start to reconnect and reunite families, and to #lovelocal through local (rather than US-sourced) purchases. Unfortunately, the 'peyi lok', or lockdown of the country due to gas shortages, food inflation, and political unrest, will impact how much we are able to safely do, and with what resources. We want to honor the difficult semester the kids and young adults have experienced apart from school and the typical routines they enjoy.

We will seek to balance safety and feasibility with Christmas spirit and celebration so our youth know they're loved this holiday.

As a reminder, we are asking all monthly sponsors to donate $50 (in additional to your current monthly donation) to help us prepare for Christmas in whatever form we are able to achieve.

Others are also more than welcome to give in honor of Christmas for the kids and staff.

To make your donation, please follow this link:

Your donation will ensure that children (and their families as we're able to include them) can build Christmas memories together. Additional donations will support staff and the purchase of gifts in Haiti as able.

Two ways we could use some 'Santa's helpers'!

1) Create a fun family tradition and sign up for our Thankful for Family Virtual 5K on Thanksgiving Day so we can ‘turkey trot’ towards our goal! Register here:

2) Volunteer as a fundraiser for the Christmas campaign! When you tell and share your personal story about why Imagine kiddos deserve a happy Christmas, you help us reach our goal. Email volunteer coordinator Katie Muckley at if interested.

What we do wouldn’t be possible without you. As we look towards Thanksgiving and Christmas, we remember how thankful we are for your consistent support, so that we can share in the miracle of Noel- Christ with us- with our Haitian family.

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