Family Matters: two brother-sister duos' stories of family reunification

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Megiana and Sonson's Story

For Megiana and Sonson (aka little Kevens), the earthquake in Haiti in 2010 changed everything. Megiana and Sonson’s mother suffered a spinal cord injury leaving her paraplegic and separated from her children when buildings crumbled around them on January 10, 2010. Megiana and Sonson were later brought to Imagine Missions Orphanage by the government.

Fortunately, Megiana and Sonson’s mama received the medical care she needed and was able to locate her children. When she was able to receive transportation, she visited. Her love for her children was clear, but the feasibility of this family living together - of this mother whose life was full of adversity being able to provide for her children outside an orphanage- seemed minimal.

We are grateful for all who supported their nutrition, education, and experiences growing up at Imagine Missions Orphanage and School. In 2020, we are grateful for the way God directed us to reunify families in 2019 so precious children like Megiana and Sonson experience love and belonging with their parents. See this photo of the family reunified the day after Thanksgiving:

No less than a week after this initial reunion, Haiti Mama + Imagine’s dynamic social work duo Exilien and Jackson visited this family. In their December follow-up report, they wrote:

"The kids seem well integrated into the family; they help their mother in her wheel-chair. We spoke to them and they are happy to be with their mom. Their mom is happy too; she understands the fact that she is the best person to raise her kids. She has great values and is a courageous woman. Despite her handicap, she has found the courage to find work and keep it to take care of herself and her children. She says she has the will to raise her kids in dignity, with good education. In conclusion, Midjana and Kevens can live with their family (Mama) if they have effective and efficient support."

Lovens and Estephanie's Story

This is Lovens.

When he was little, his mother made the difficult decision to bring he and his big sister Estephanie to Imagine Missions Orphanage. Lovens and Estephanie are so bright; they have made top grades in their classes at Imagine Missions School. But something was missing…

In August 2019, when International Director Melissa asked our kids about memories of their moms, Lovens shared:

Every day I want to see her.

Two months later, this dream came true for Lovens. The day after Thanksgiving, this little family also posed for a reunion photo:

And now, winter break is long over and school has been back in session a few months! Melissa was able to ask big sister Estephanie about her experience so far during a break between classes at Imagine Missions School. "I am happy to be with my family because I had a lot of family I didn’t know before," she said. "My mama introduced me to them. They were happy to see me, and appreciated me. They’ve shown me affection and said ‘we’re happy to see you’. Lots of people - my grandma, cousins, aunts, uncles… I got to meet them all. Imagine did give me many things I need too - school, books, uniforms. Imagine has given me everything needed so that my mama can help me."