We miss you, Haiti: a trip down memory lane

While COVID-19 continues to inhibit freedom of safe travel, we are counting down the days until we can all be in Haiti together again. Until then, we threw it back to our Camp Imagine 2019 team on Facebook and Instagram:

We also asked for you, our beloved Imagine family, to throw it back to favorite trip memories too... and you delivered! Camp counselor Jesse recalled hours spent with 'lil sis' Estephanie:

'Mama Lynn' - as she was affectionately called by her fellow Camp Imagine staff - recalled her preschool camp group and notes that Imagine is in her heart and prayers daily:

'Madame Ballet' (Katie) recalled a preschool-aged DJ and many other kiddos taking dance classes:

Speaking of DJ, Board President Amber recalls DJ enjoying 'the best pool party ever' 2 years ago:

Well, recalls International Director Melissa, we've had a lot of really great pool parties:

And on the subject of water... baptisms! Here are godparents Melissa and Rosel at Bergeline's baptism:

Remember how Rosel played all the cards + dominoes with Feto and the guys at the team house?

Feto was always so good at playing Papa Noel (SANTA) on Christmas Day for the kiddos:

Here's another throwback at the orphanage grounds courtesy of Edna Stafford:

Even further back? Imagine's first 'Family Photo' at the orphanage and Melissa's very first trip to Haiti:

Melissa also recalled the growth of her family over the years in Haiti:

Baby Lukson, and young Wadson:

Lukson, Wadson, Loulou:

Baby Marvens then:

Marvens TODAY!

Speaking of Marvens today, he often accompanied camp counselors like Ashlee down the road to camp last summer. Ashlee also recalls all the amazing evenings on the team house roof with friends, worshipping and laughing and processing:

And a few months before that (May 2019) McKenna enjoyed some quality time with the kiddos:

THANK YOU to those who shared some awesome photos - and to ALL who have traveled to Haiti and shown love to children, staff, and family! We miss serving in Haiti with you, and can't wait to spend time together once again in the (unknown) future. Until then, we will be intentionally planning the ways future trips will connect us not only with our children but with their reunified families too. Be safe, be well, and be excited for future photo opportunities... together!

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