Teachers Create Hope amid a disrupted 2019-2020 school year

You may recall our March newsletter - published well before COVID-19 threatened Haiti - recounted the hard work of teachers and students who were 'making up for lost time' in Quarter 3 through Saturday School. Massive political unrest and 'peyi lok' (country lockdown) prevented any safe school attendance in the Fall 2019 semester, and students and teachers alike were eager to return to Imagine Missions School in January of 2020.

However, in late March when the first 3 cases of COVID-19 reached Haiti, the government made the decision to shut down schools immediately for public health safety and social distancing. One might think that that 'would be it' for our students. But not Imagine's determined and dedicated teachers! Ricardo, Imagine School's Principal, says many of our teachers continue to communicate with their students and their parents through WhatsApp, sharing lesson plans and allowing students to learn from home as much as possible. They are holding onto their books in prep for next school year, and we pray we may open 'as usual' in the fall (generally, in September).

Even though life looks different, Imagine Missions continues to support our families and we are trying our best to continue some normalcy through education at home! Your donations will allow us not only to support children but also our teachers who are going above and beyond so that they can feed their families amidst food instability and inflation. Thank you for all the support and prayers during this time - education is such a gift that we are grateful we get to provide to so many children and young adults.

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