Imagine Missions is a non-profit,501(c)(3), volunteer organization. For tax deductible contributions, make checks payable to Imagine Missions.

Sponsor a specific child

1. By Providing the child’s primary education ($40/month) (for kids in school up through the 6th grade)

2. By Providing the child’s secondary education ($600/year or $50/month)(for kids in junior and senior high school)

3. By Providing the child’s enhanced nutrition ($40/month) (for all kids)

4. 8 of our kids have the amazing opportunity to go out side of the orphanage for dance class! Sponsor their classes ($30/month)(click here to learn about the kids who are taking dance)


Each child is provided with information about his/her sponsor and our goal is to provide communication from your child throughout the year.  Each summer, Imagine Missions begins their Christmas gift program. During this time each sponsor is contacted to provide a Christmas gifts for your sponsored child.  During the fall, the gifts purchased by the sponsor are delivered to Haiti by our mission teams.

Click below to see which of our children still need sponsors and then fill out the survey to start making a difference in that childs life.

Other giving opportunities

Along with child sponsorships there are also plenty of other ways that you can be a huge supporter of Imagine Missions. The school is where most of our other cost come from and click below to learn how you can help!

If you want to make monthly recurring payment to help with the general operation of the orphanage below are some options that you can choose from.

Help us match you up with one of our kids!


Click here to view our previous and current budgets

Please contact us with any questions!


Help us match you up with one of our kids!

Octonvil Kenya
Elementary School
Ricardo Souria E
Middle School
Farilus Paline
Elementary School
Farilus Mackenlove
Elementary School
Farilus Kensia
Elementary School
J Woodens Shanaica
Elementary School
Aurelus Clarelle
High School
Aurelus Annaelle
NS 4
Saint Louis Dieurenca
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